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I feel personally happy that you are excited about making your life better. Resonance Repatterning has helped me and many others all over the world. This fascinating technique gets to the point, moving us quickly to enjoy success.

Carolyn Campora

Why Resonance Repatterning?

From the client's standpoint, change has never been easier or faster. The practitioner skillfully employs complex techniques from psychotherapy and energy systems like Chakras, Meridians and 5 Elements, Cranial Sacral, Jin Shin, and Polarity Therapy, to name a few.

Client benefits are immediate and profound. Benefits include gaining understanding and moving forward in positive ways. Obstacles dissolve, paths open, you meet the right people, you get the right information, you give the right responses. Relationships improve, decisions are made, you have greater self confidence and clarity.

Resonance shifts, you no longer resonate with negatives and now resonate with positives.

What we resonate with appears in our lives. What we don't resonate with does not appear in our lives.

Often people use the word "resonate" to mean "like." For example, "I resonate with chocolate." "I don't resonate with bright colors." In Resonance Repatterning, we are speaking of energy. To resonate with something is to be on the same wave length, frequency or vibration. Resonance can be changed. When we change our resonance, we change our lives.

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Resonance Repatterning is non-judgmental and client directed.

The client's own system is guiding the process, while the practitioner's skill provides the vehicles for the journey. The keys are the vast treasury of modalities, employing energy techniques both ancient and modern.

Developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth as “Holographic Repatterning,” Resonance Repatterning is effective, efficient and enjoyable. For more information, see Quantum Change Made Easy by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, Resonance Publishing, 2004.

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